Welcome, fellow game creator!

This website is a home of all the game making resources made by Jussi Palomäki a.k.a. Moshroom. The resources are produced mainly for two easy-to-use game engines, GameGuru and RPG Maker XP and are divided in three catergories, graphical resources, audio and scripts. In the tutorials section you can find some tips and tricks for the mentioned game engines and other game making related subjects.

Want me to write a script for you?

I have been contacted several times with requests for custom scripts for various projects. For this purpose I've written some guidelines in this website on how to make a requests and what you can and what you can't expect from me. In short, I do take requests for LUA scripts for GameGuru. However I do not currently take requests for RPG Maker scripts. You can find more information in the requests section in this website. I also recommend you to read this post in the GameGuru forum.