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The recommend way to contact me for game making related subjects is through game creating forums. For questions, comments or script requests, just log in to a forum and send me a PM. For GameGuru related subjects, you can find me at GameGuru Forum and for RPG Maker related subjects, you can find me at RPG Maker Finland (for Finnish speaking users only, sorry).

GameGuru Forum: Moshroom

RPG Maker Finland: Moshroom

Steam: Moshroom


If you want to buy my GameGuru scripts, visit my artist page at The Game Creators Asset Store. If you have questions about a store item, you can contact me either through the store or by sending me a PM at GameGuru forum.

The Game Creators Asset Store: Moshroom

Social Media

You can find videos of my GameGuru scripts at my Youtube channel.

Youtube: Jussi Palomäki

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If you don't want to contact me through forums or social media, but still want to give me some kind of feedback, you can alternatively use this comment form. If you want to get email notifications about replies, check the E-Mail me replies box. If you want to follow the comment RSS feed, click the RSS icon on the right.

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