Requests for custom scripts

I have been contacted several times with requests for custom scripts for various projects. For this purpose I've written here some guidelines on what you can and what you can't expect from me and how to make a requests. Please read following guide carefully before proceeding. That way we will both save time.


I will currently only take requests for custom LUA scripts for GameGuru.

Work schedule

As a programmer I consider myself a part-time freelancer. In other words, writing LUA scripts is not my full-time job and completing script requests is not my number one priority. I can usually work with a script for 1-2 hour per day and in that time I'm usually able to write 100-200 lines of code, depending on the complexity of the request and the amount of planning it requires. I can't guarantee to work everyday with scripting projects.

As a main job I currently work as a PhD candidate in the field of biomedicine. In practice this means that I sometimes need to do work related stuff also in my so called free time and for this reason I usually don't have time at all to work with scripts on September and January.

Graphics and audio

In principle, I don't create graphics and audio. If you want to have this kind of media in your script, you will need to provide me with the images and audio clips. In this case it'll be 100 % your responsibility to make sure that you either are the author of these media or have the license from the author to use them in your game.

If you are not an artist yourself and you haven't hired one for your project, I recommend you to use media that are either Public Domain or published under Creative Commons licence or suchlike. This will save you from any copyright obscurities later on.


You will be granted exclusive rights to use the script and all of its parts for 3 months after the payment, and you can continue using the script after this period without limitations. However after 3 months I will reserve right to publish the script or parts of it on this website, The Game Creators Asset Store or other corresponding outlet.

You can use the script in any of your freeware or commercial game projects as many times as you want without any additional fees. In the final game you will need to mention me as the author of the script either by my nickname Moshroom or my real name Jussi Palomäki (or both if you find it suitable). You are allowed to make alterations to the script as long as you keep mentioning me as the original author.

The license is not transferable to a 3rd person. Not in any circumstance are you allowed to resell the script or parts of it nor include it in any free or commercial script collections.

Fee and payment

My directive hourly fee is 40 $. All hours spent on planning, writing and testing the script will be charged for. I accept payments via Finnish Bank transfer or Paypal (recommended for people living outside Finland) only. No bitcoins, no vouchers, etc. I will provide you the final script file after receiving the payment.


I guarantee that the final script will work in the form it was delivered with the current version of GameGuru and its already implemented features. I can't guarantee 100 % compatibility with possible future implementations in the engine or custom scripts created by other authors. (I will do my best, of course.)

How to write a proper request?

First of all you should know exactly what you want. If you send me a message like "I want you to make an menu for my game", I will simply refer you to The Game Creators Asset Store. So please, think before you request. That will save time for both of use.

1. What kind of game are you working with?

Describe your game with a couple of lines. Is it an FPS or an adventure game? What kind of setting? War? Medieval? Future? It's a lot easier to start building a script if I have some idea of what the final product should look like.

Another important thing to tell me is whether you already use some other custom scripts. If you want me to make an in-game menu, but you already have an inventory script, it would be a waste of time and energy to write you another inventory logic instead of implementing the existing inventory to the new menu.

2. What exactly do you need?

I mean the details. If you want an in-game menu, what sections should it have? Should it be operated with by mouse or keyboard? Does your game require other logic that works behind the menu system? If you want an inventory, how does the player aquire items to put in it?

The more details you provide the easier it is to write. Lets assume you want me to write an inventory logic, inventory screen and collectable item script. What should happen when player approaches an item? Does it go straight to inventory? Will player have to press a key pick it up? Will player have choices whether to pick it up, use it right away or ignore it? What kind of message pops? Window or prompt? Top of the screen or bottom? If you don't provide these kinds of details, I will have to guess.

3. Schedule and budget

Please bear in mind what I wrote previously. I'm a part-time freelancer. Me writing a script costs less than true professional doing it, but it also takes more time. Providing me with an estimate of how soon you need the script and how much you are willing to pay for it, will provide me essential information about the feasibility of the project. Writing a completely new quest system from scratch for 50 $ in two days unofortunately isn't possible.

4. What is missing from the existing scripts that you need?

There are already a couple of inventory, quest and survival systems in The Game Creators Asset Store. I'm more than happy to write yet another, but let's not try to invent the wheel twice when it's not neccessary. If what you want can be achieved by a simple modification to an existing script, I will save time and you will save money. Writing a completely new quest system from scratch would take a couple of weeks and cost 200-400 $ or more depending on the complexity of the request. You can buy my existing Quest system from The Game Creators Asset Store for 5 $. Slight modifications to that will cost much less than 200-400 $.

Frequently asked questions

Will you make graphics for my game?

In principle no, however there are some exceptions. If a script I'm working with requires graphics, I can either create some placeholder images or work with images you provide, implement these to the project and even do some editing to them.

However in my opinion it will be waste of your money to make me work with something I'm not good at. If you want to have competetive graphics in your game, I recommend that you will either create the graphics yourself or hire an expert artist to create the images needed after the script is finished. This way the result will likely look better than with me playing with GIMP.

What about the graphics section of this website? Surely you...

The images in the graphics section are for RPG Maker XP games. They use 640x480 resolution. Good old Super VGA. It's a different thing to work with low resolution than HD quality graphics.

Can I use that image from that website with your script?

Only if the author of that image has granted you rights to use it. I will take no responsibility of any graphics used in your game.

You are not a professional. Why is your fee so high?

Please. If this was your question, don't contact me again. I don't consider the fee a price tag for my programming skills and experience, but for my time. Remeber that I'm doing this on my free time. I value my time.

Actually when I was first contacted with a script request I considered simply saying no. Then I decided to go for it, mostly because I like doing this. But I don't have time to fulfill everyones wishes. The fee is set so that it filters out most of the non-serious requests but is affordable for people who need scripts from me. This way I get to work with projects that I find interesting but don't get overwhelmed with requests that I don't have time to carry out. If you find this unreasonable, simply don't make a request. And the fee is not that high anyway...

Why won't you make a script for my RPG Maker game?

I'm not familiar enough with Ruby to be able to do it properly. I don't want to ask money for something I'm not good at.


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