The free scripts in this page are published under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence. This means you are free to download and use them for personal and commercial projects, as long as you mention me as an author. The commerical scripts are licensed as any asset in The Game Creators Asset Store. FAQ.


To use a free script, download a LUA file and place it into your scriptbank folder. To use a commercial script, buy it from The Game Creators Asset Store and use the Download Store Items function in GameGuru.

Commercial scripts: JRPG Game

Turn-Based Battle, Multiple Party Members

This script set turns your GameGuru game into a 3D version of a classic JRPG adventure, with multiple player characters and a turn-based battle system. The script set is optimized for 1st person view withouth default weapons.

Buy the script (9.00 $)

Advanced NPC Interaction

This script creates and NPC who talks and who can be interacted with. With this script, you can create straight-forward conversations and advanced dialogues containing questions with up to 3 user-defined answers.

Buy the script (5.00 $)

Commercial scripts: Survival Game

Hunger, Thirst and Tiredness

This script creates a Survival game where player needs to find food, water and shelter in order to survive. Each Survival parameter gradually increases until it reaches 100 %. When two or more Survival parameters have reached 100 %, player starts losing HP.

Buy the script (2.90 $)

Swimming and Stamina

This script allows player to swim across narrow rivers. However spending too much time in water depletes stamina and makes player drown. To swim faster, press Shift key while swimming, but bear in mind that this makes the stamina deplete faster. This script is currently compatible with 1st person mode only.

Buy the script (2.60 $)

Degradable Weapons

This script makes weapons take damage and eventually break. Each weapon has a HP stat, that is reduced by 1 each time the weapon is fired. When there is only 25 % HP left, a warning is shown that the weapon is about to break. When the HP reaches 0 %, the weapon is removed from the inventory.

Buy the script (2.90 $)

Commercial scripts: Legacy

NOTE: These scripts will not be updated after 28th February 2019! I cannot guarantee they will work with GG versions beyond 2018-11-26! I wish to send big thank you for your continued support and patience.

RPG Menu

This script creates RPG Menu where player can access Inventory, Equipment and Status screens. The options screen give player a possibility to change font size, cursor behaviour, set the info text of RPG Menu and Shop Menu on/off and change the style of dialogue in the game. The behaviour of the menu depends on the other RPG scripts on the map.

Buy the script (3.00 $)

Time doors

This script creates a set of doors that are operated by time. Charity note: This script was inspired by my friends who managed to lock themselves outside student association's sauna that has an electronic lock that locks after 10 PM. If this script is sold over 50 times, part of the profit will go to charity (beer for my friends).

Buy the script (1.50 $)

Free scripts

Music player and music stopper

One of these scripts creates a zone that starts to play music and another creates a zone that stops it.

Download LUA file (etc_musicplayer.lua)

Download LUA file (etc_musicstopper.lua)

Modified gamedata.lua for Save/Load system

The RPG and Quest scripts have their own Save/Load system which was created before the official one. To make the official one compatible with the RPG and Quest scripts, copy this version of the gamedata.lua file to you titlesbank folder. Note: This works if you have the latest versions of the RPG scripts and Quest scripts. If you have only the RPG scripts, please open the lua file and uncomment part that defines the Quest tables at the beginning of the file. Note: Doing this with the Quests scripts active, some of the tables get defined as empty tables which returns error. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Download LUA file (gamedata.lua)

Free utility scripts for the old RPG Module

The RPG Module is the set of scripts that turns the games created with GameGuru into action RPG. The main scripts can be bought from The Game Creators Asset Store, but in addition to that there are several free utility scripts posted in the GameGuru forum.

Visit RPG Module thread in GameGuru forum

RPG Maker XP

To use a script, open the TXT file provided and paste it to the script editor of RPG Maker XP, below the default scripts and just over Main.

Free scripts

8-frame animation

This script replaces the default 4-direction, 4-frame animation pattern with a 8-frame one, which provides smoother animation and enables the use of character models with more complex animation patterns (e.g. models by Pioneer Valley Games).

Download TXT file

Advanced movement and animation

An advanced version of the above script. This script replaces the default 4-direction, 4-frame animation pattern with a 8-direction, 8-frame system with a dash function. Unfortunately multi-animation function works only with the player character. Since I've lost my interest for the game project this script was originally intended to, the script remains partly unfinished. For player character, it works fine though.

Download TXT file

Custom menu system

This is a modification of the default menu system of RPG Maker XP. It adds attribute and status information to the skill menu and location window and order commands to the main menu and does slight changes to arrangement of things in main menu and status screens. To work properly, this script requires the RGSS SDK.

Download TXT file (part1 : Scene_Menu)

Download TXT file (part2 : Scene_Skill)

Download TXT file (part3 : Scene_Status)

Download TXT file (part4 : Scene_Save)

Download TXT file (part5 : Scene_End)

Sideview battle screen

This simple script rearranges the battle status window and battler locations in the battle screen. To work properly, this script requires the RGSS SDK.

Download TXT file